Abu Simbel tour

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If you are in Aswan don’t miss the chance to enjoy Abu simbel Temples Tours from Aswan which is one of Aswan Excursions, All Tours Egypt give you the chance to visit Nefertari temple and Ramses temple with your private guide and private vehicle, Enjoy day tour to Abu Simbel temple by air-conditioned vehicle to Abu Simbel, it is one of the massive rock temples,book online tour to Abu Simbel with All Tours Egypt


Abu Simbel tour

At early morning your accommodation will prepare to you breakfast box, you will take it with you to visit the magnificent temples of Ramsses II and his wife the Queen Nefertari at Abu Simbel.

Abu Simbel is an ancient temple complex, originally cut into a solid rock cliff, in southern Egypt and located at the second cataract of the NileRiver. The two temples which comprise the site were created during the reign of Ramesses II (c. 1279 – c. 1213 BCE) either between 1264 – 1244 BCE or 1244-1224 BCE. The discrepancy in the dates is due to differing interpretations of the life of Ramesses II by modern day scholars. It is certain, based upon the extensive artwork throughout the interior of the Great Temple, that the structures were created, at least in part, to celebrate Ramesses’ victory over the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BCE. To some scholars, this indicates a probable date of 1264 BCE for the initial construction as the victory would have been fresh in the memory of the people. However, the decision to build the grand monument at that precise location, on the border with the conquered lands of Nubia, suggests to other scholars the later date of 1244 BCE in that it would have had to have been begun after the Nubian Campaigns Ramesses II undertook with his sons and was built as a symbol of Egypt’s power.

After visiting the temple complex, make the return trip to Aswan, where this tour concludes with drop-off at your hotel or cruise ship.

This tour can start it from Cairo at 5 am & return 3 pm by plane 
you can start it from Aswan too by plane or by car

Price per person
from Cairo by plane 490 $
from Aswan by plane 250 $    
from Aswan by car  60 $ ( private )
from Aswan by car 15 $

Entrance fees are not included in the price of any tours: We do not charge in advance for site entrance fees to add flexibility to your program as you may choose to skip one or more sites depending upon your interests


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