Nubian Village in Aswan

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Know about the Nubian culture where you will meet Nubian people and have insights about their Nubian history, culture and lifestyle. The trip will be conducted using a motor boat


Nubian Village Excursion from Aswan

Actually the tour to Nubian Village start at 3 :00 or 3 :30 that is because you will spend about an hour on motor boat (two way) you will see the natural mountains the beautiful trees ,we will stop at small sand duck & you will ride camel to reach Nubian Village (80 EGP) then you will spend one hour on Nubian Village the guide will show you the baby crocodile on the houses and the longest biggest one on another house.
Nubian Villages you can have a taste of the tasty bread that they bake in their households. See the local handicraft that they make. Also what is interesting is their houses that are made of ceramics. The bright colors houses are more African in their style rather than being Egyptian. See the baby crocodiles that the Nubians let free in Lake Nasser when they grow. you will have a free time to marvel the lifstyle of the ethnic inhabitants of these village .

Price Per Person 40 $ 

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